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Are Just Ingredients Food Products Certified Gluten Free?

Yes! The following Just Ingredients products are Certified Gluten Free:

  • Protein Powder – All Flavors
  • Preworkout – All Flavors
  • Hot Chocolate – All Flavors
  • Herbs – Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane, Maca Root, and Marine Collagen

Are Just Ingredients Food Products Kosher Certified?

We are in the process of getting our products tested and Kosher Certified.

Are Just Ingredients Food Products NSF Certified?

We are in the process of getting our products tested and NSF Certified.

Health Journey Questions

Where do I start? I am overwhelmed with eating healthy and changing everything.

Making better food choices is a journey of baby steps. For example, maybe you get rid of all artificial dyes and then move on to a new ingredient. Or, maybe when you run out a product, you buy a better choice next time.

I have a post that will be helpful as you make a plan and determine where to start. You can view here.

How do I know if glyphosate is in a product? Is it on the label?

Organic crops are not sprayed with glyphosate. The main culprits of glyphosate are the 5 crops that are genetically modified to thrive with glyphosate is sprayed on them. They are soy, sugar, corn, canola, and cotton. Oats and wheat are often sprayed as well. They are sprayed with glyphosate 7-10 days before harvest to dry them out.

What is the difference between Non-GMO and organic?

I have a detailed post that explains this. You can view here.

Do you have any book, documentary, or website suggestions? I want to learn more.

Books: How Not to Die-Dr. Michael Greger, Eat to Beat Disease-Dr. William W. Li, Life-Changing Foods-Anthony William, and Eat Dirt-Dr. Josh Axe

Documentaries: Stink (Netflix) and Secret Ingredients (Amazon)

Websites: PubMed, NIH, and EWG.org all have great information

Is this [fill in product] a good choice?

One great resource to use to look up products you are curious about is EWG.org. their database includes thousands of products. You can also look up specific ingredients you see on your labels. They will grade your products on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most toxic). You also might see some products on a letter scale from A-F.

What are "natural flavors" that are in so many foods?

Natural flavors are tricky because it is an unregulated term with no real meaning. They are way better than artificial flavors, but they often still contain a bunch of unneeded ingredients. Unfortunately, natural flavoring is in so many of the “better choices” so it is difficult to avoid, but when I can avoid it, I LOVE it.

What is your favorite [cleaning/beauty/baby/food] product?

Visit my Favorites page here on my website. I have direct links to some of my favorite and most asked-about products. You can also check out my cheat sheets and product guides for in-depth shopping suggestions by topic.

What are some good places to shop?

Costco, Sprouts, Harmon’s, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Aldi, and Kroger owned grocery stores are some of my favorites. Online shops such as Brandless, Thrive Market, Grove, and Public Goods all have great products too, but, as always, check ingredient labels.

What do you do when your kids get junk food from friends/parties/events?

There is no reason to demonize food. I don’t like living in extremes. If I never allowed them to have it, I could be teaching them things that could build a negative relationship with food. I feed them the best possible way I know how in my home. I try to buy the “better choice” when given the option. But, when they enjoy a treat with friends or at school, they enjoy it and we move on. Kids will recognize how junk food makes their body feel!

Do you sell Monat? What products do you and your husband use?

I use the Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and the Rejuveniqe oil. My husband uses the classic confidence system. You can learn more here.

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

I am not an affiliate of any product or service that I do not trust for use in my own home or with my children. If I don’t use it, I do not promote it. This is the only way I can jury product quality and ensure clean ingredients. I know this is important for those who trust my recommendations.