Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

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Vanilla that’s anything but boring. This rich and creamy Vanilla Bean protein powder that makes the perfect shake mixed in either milk or water. Also the ultimate recipe enhancer, adding a tasty hit of protein to pancakes, smoothies, cookies and so much more.

Macros – 140 calories, 22g protein, 5g carbs, 6g fat, 2g fiber, & 2g sugar per serving

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Product Overview

Real ingredients taste better — way better. That’s why we only use a blend of real vanilla extract and 100% grass-fed non-denatured whey protein. Just Ingredients’ Vanilla Bean Protein Powder is 100% natural with 4 protein sources for an amazing, rich taste.

Protein from four different protein sources:

  • Non-Denatured 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein from Europe
  • Organic Pea Protein
  • Collagen Protein
  • Organic Chia Seed

Free from sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners or any artificial ingredients.

Tastes amazing mixed with water or milk as a drink, or in your favorite recipes like cookies, milk shakes, protein bites, yogurt, and more!

The reason it’s so effective is simple:

Just Ingredients’ Protein Powder is naturally sweetened and flavored with real foods and contains no artificial dyes, chemicals, or junk. We thought it was about time protein cleaned up its ingredients list. Every gram in your bag of Just Ingredients protein powder comes from hand-selected ingredients for maximum nutrition.

So, if you want a delicious tasting, high-protein, low-calorie protein powder . . . you want to try Just Ingredients’ Protein Powder today.

Free from sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners or any artificial ingredients. We believe it’s what’s on the inside that matters most, and that includes what we left out. Our protein powders are certified gluten-free, peanut free*, and contain no soy.

* Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Powder contains organic peanut powder and is produced on a separate line to prevent cross contamination.


100% Grass-Fed Non-Denatured Whey Protein, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Pea Protein, Grass Fed Collagen, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Chia Seed Powder, Sea Salt, Stevia Leaf, Organic Vanilla Bean, Monk Fruit

Non-Denatured Grass-Fed Whey

A clean source of protein that offers the full range of amino acids necessary for muscle health and energy.

cup of organic whey protein in brown bowl

Pea Protein

A high-quality protein and a great source of iron. It can aid muscle growth, weight loss and heart health.

Chia Seed Protein

A complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. Contains fiber and omega-3 fatty acids that promote brain and gut health.


A protein that provides structure to most of the body, including bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt helps reduce inflammation, including acne. It’s full of over 60 trace minerals that can aid in protecting the skin from free radicals.

Stevia Leaf

A safe and healthy sweetener substitute. Can help balance blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of cavities.

Monk Fruit

A natural way to bring sweetness and flavor while strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, and promoting heart health.

Suggested Use


Combine ice, 8 oz of your milk of choice, and 1-2 scoops of protein powder. Blend until well combined.


Add 1 scoop of protein powder with 8 oz of water in a blender bottle. Shake until dissolved.


How many servings are in a bag of the Vanilla Bean Protein Powder?

Each bag of Just Ingredients Vanilla Bean Protein Powder contains 30 servings!

Why is the Just Ingredients Protein Powder a better option?

The protein is actually coming from 5 sources: 100% super high quality grass fed whey, pea protein, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and collagen. There is a lot less whey compared to normal protein powders – only about 4-5 grams!

What are the 4 sources of protein in the Just Ingredients Vanilla Bean Protein Powder?

There are 4 sources of protein are: chia seed protein, pea protein, collagen, and whey protein. They all have very similar amounts in the protein powder. Each is around 4-6 grams.

Will the Just Ingredients Protein Powder upset my stomach if I can't handle whey very well?

Many people who are sensitive to whey have reported that they are able to tolerate the Just Ingredients Protein Powder better because it contains much less whey thanks to the 4 other sources of protein.

What is the collagen source in the Just Ingredients Protein Powder?

It comes from organic bovine collagen from the bones and connective tissue.

Is the stevia in the Just Ingredients Protein Powder processed? What is your source?

No. Processed stevia goes through a 42 step process, and can cause gut issues for some. We use straight stevia leaf crushed up which is completely different. It is from a wholesale company that provides to manufactures only. All of our ingredients are sourced that way!

Does the Just Ingredients Protein Powder contain heavy metals?

All heavy metal testing for the Just Ingredients Protein Powder came in way below Prop 65 levels and most showed zero.

How does the Just Ingredients Protein Powder rate in terms of FODMAP?

The Just Ingredients Protein Powder does contain dairy which is high fodmap, but so many people with lactose issues have reported that this protein does not upset their stomach!

What is the shelf life of the Just Ingredients Protein Powder?

2 years but it also freezes well. There are no preservatives so it is best if it is stored in the house rather than a hot garage.

Is this protein powder a meal replacement?

It’s just a protein powder and not meant to be a meal replacement. Protein shakes lack the variety of vitamins and minerals required to make them a valuable food source. Protein shakes can help supplement the amino acid intake of a person.

What is the best time of the day to consume protein powder?

The protein is for anytime if you want a protein-packed snack!

Who should use protein powder?

It’s for those that have a hard time getting enough protein in during a day. Protein, fat, and carbs are the 3 macronutrients our body needs. Some don’t get enough protein in each day and a protein powder supplement can help. Do you know how much protein you eat per day?

Promises and Guarantees

  • Committed to use premium quality ingredients that act as food for the skin
  • Fewer toxins. Better health.
  • Made in the USA to bring clean, nourishing, and affordable products to all homes
  • To provide nourishing products that bring healing, health, strength, and energy
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Created with your health in mind

29 reviews for Vanilla Bean Protein Powder

  1. Jasmine Eschenburg (verified owner)

    OMG. I’m actually mind blown. This is the best vanilla protein I have ever tasted. The texture is creamy and perfect without any chalky texture. I’m putting it on subscribe to ensure I never run out. 1000/10! Don’t walk run to your computer and order.

  2. bgknight (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE!! There is no weird after taste, it’s delicious by itself with water or mixed with smoothies (what I usually do). I love that I can trust all of the ingredients in it too. Definitely worth the price and now I feel like I need to try all the other flavors!

  3. Megan Rogers (verified owner)

    BEST vanilla protein powder ever! So delicious and most importantly clean. The flavor is amazing!

  4. Megan Albertson

    This is the BEST vanilla protein powder I’ve ever tasted!!! No aftertaste, wonderful vanilla flavor, just what I’ve been looking for! Ordered the sample size and now back to purchase the full size 🙂

  5. Vanessa Henry (verified owner)

    This is the most delicious tasting protein powder I’ve ever had. It doesn’t have that odd taste you get with most. It’s literally phenomenal tasting. I’ve found my new favorite protein powder.

  6. Edith Rangel (verified owner)

    I don’t usually go for vanilla flavors but I ordered a full size of this one because I’m a big fan of the chocolate protein. As expected, this flavor is amazing! Best protein powders I’ve ever had are from Just Ingredients!

  7. Gaylene Fusselman (verified owner)

    This is by far the best vanilla protein powder I’ve ever tasted!! It’s delicious!!!!

  8. Sydney Simon (verified owner)

    Seriously this is the best tasting protein I’ve ever had! And you can’t beat those ingredients. So glad I decided to try this. So worth it 🙂

  9. Veronica Smith (verified owner)

    THE BEST PROTEIN THAT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE PROTEIN EVER! I am the pickiest person with textures and I won’t eat or drink anything that has a taste of protein during or an after taste of it. This is the first protein related thing I’ve had that doesn’t taste like protein or has the texture in your mouth of it. It tastes just like drinking melted vanilla bean ice cream it’s so smooth I drink it everyday now and knowing that the ingredients are the cleanest they could ever be? I wish I could rate this 10 stars. You won’t be disappointed! The chocolate one is my second favorite!

  10. dotymckayla

    I didn’t ever think I would be leaving a review for a protein powder BUT this is hands down the best protein powder I have ever tasted. I bought a single serving and made a drink this morning. I intended to mix it with frozen berries to mask the flavor just in case it was gross (thought the ingredients were too good to be true). And then I tried it plain and died. It was soo goood. It’s like slightly cinnamony, a little bit of coconut hints, and just really really good on its own. It was also so yummy with the frozen berries blended into a smoothie.

  11. Annie Jones (verified owner)

    The YUMMIEST protein powder I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t have that chalky texture/taste that ALL popular protein powders have, such a win!!! Can’t beat the quality OR the taste. Won’t buy my protein powder anywhere else now. 🙂

  12. Alana Kennel (verified owner)

    Hands down the best vanilla protein! It is not chalky or heavy. It actually reminds me of a snickerdoodle cookie! The only aftertaste is a very mild cinnamon flavor, which I absolutely love! Highly recommend this protein! If you are hesitant or thinking of purchasing this protein, DO IT! You will not be disappointed!

  13. Brenda Finlinson (verified owner)

    She does it again!! These protein powders are so GOOD! I love that I can trust them to have clean ingredients!!

  14. Melissa Farris (verified owner)

    I love this Protein Powder! I’ve been on the hunt and tried so many different protein powders. I never felt good after drinking some of them. I would get bloated and have belly aches. I would also get sugar cravings with some because I wasn’t reading labels. Thanks to Karalynne, I’ve been learning how to take care of myself and my home with non toxic ingredients. Buy this! You won’t regret it. It’s DELICIOUS!

  15. Rachel Cox (verified owner)

    It is indeed the best powdered protein I’ve had. It tastes like horchata. I do wish there was a vanilla option that didn’t have cinnamon.

  16. Chelsea Hanbury (verified owner)

    Tastes great, mixes in to liquid really well and isn’t chalky. I have crohns disease and sensitive to a lot of foods including dairy. Anyone who drinks protein powders know that they can upset your stomach and give you “protein farts” LOL, but the Just Ingredients protein powders have left me feeling great afterwards without any sickness. The vanilla bean is my favourite, I love to mix with almond milk and a little bit of banana.

  17. Kendra Clark (verified owner)

    I can’t wrap my mind around how delicious this stuff is! I’m craving it all day in place of my usual sweets cravings. My 3 year old loves it and I even am able to mix it with desiccated liver powder and he still loves it! Thank you thank you for this amazing product!

  18. Mandy Janesko (verified owner)

    So delicious! No chalky flavor whatsoever or any strange aftertaste. Mixes very easily. Great instead of a sweet snack. Does have a slight cinnamon flavor to it instead of straight vanilla. I am lactose intolerant and this give me zero issues!

  19. Amy Vogt (verified owner)

    This protein powder is delicious. I have never tasted a vanilla protein powder that tastes so clean. My husband commented on how good it makes him feel after he drinks it. No aftertaste, no ingredients that bother our tummies… We just ordered 2 more packages so we don’t run out. Our whole family loves this protein powder.

  20. maboettcher329 (verified owner)

    So yummy! I have been adding a half scoop of the vanilla protein powder into plain organic Greek yogurt for my kids each morning and they absolutely love it! We make yogurt parfaits. They can’t get enough and I am happy to be giving them a healthy breakfast that will fill them up.

  21. Chelsea Driscoll (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant about the vanilla because the last natural ingredient vanilla protein powder I tried was awful, but Just Ingredients has done it again!!!! It’s delicious. Tastes almost like a cookie. Because of all the delicious flavors, I CRAVE protein shakes constantly! I cannot recommend this enough!

  22. Kelly Morrill (verified owner)

    DELICIOUS! Easy to cook with, yummy on its own and my favorite in a strawberry smoothie with peanut butter. I also love to add just a tiny bit to the tropical pre-workout. So good!

  23. mayra88morales (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many “healthy” protein powders. I was never satisfied with any of them until i came across Just Ingredients. I ordered Vanilla Bean just to be on the safe side & OMG its the absolute best! It does not taste like those typical protein powders. It’s simply delicious! I’m almost out of the vanilla bean & i have a snickerdoodle & chocolate on the way. Buy it! You will not regret it!

  24. princess3479

    This flavor is just “ok” when mixed with plain water and milk as a protein shake after working out ! I prefer the taste of the coconut chocolate protein powder more when mixed with plain water or milk. The vanilla protein powder did taste better when mixed in with other things such as pancakes or baking recipes.

  25. Lucy Pulido (verified owner)

    Absolutely the most delicious vanilla protein powder I have ever tasted. You will not be disappointed if you order it. Highly recommend.

    I wish they developed a vanilla chai and or cookies and cream flavor.

  26. zavalaslawnservice (verified owner)

    My teenage son absolutely loves it! He tried different proteins and hated them all. He was hesitant about trying this one because he thought it would be the same as the rest. Definitely will be ordering again. I ordered the vanilla bean.

  27. Kaitlyn Simmons (verified owner)

    Lives up to the hype! I usually stay away from Vanilla protein and only do chocolate but was curious on how this one tastes and it’s is delicious it even smells good when you open the bag. I like it better than the chocolate which I also enjoy! My kids gobbled it too and because the ingredients are such high quality I loved being able to offer them a great extra protein snack. I’m just going to have to buy more. Way to go! So impressed with this Vanilla protein. Try it!

  28. Meredith Morgan

    Vanilla Bean is our absolute favorite out of all the samples we tried! It is so delicious mixed with almond milk. My toddlers love it too and call it a milkshake. I am subscribing today so we never run out!

  29. Emily Swedensky (verified owner)

    This is truly the best protein powder ever. My husband and I are very picky and have tried and wasted so many and given up on finding a satisfactory protein that has clean ingredients, isn’t chalky, and doesn’t bother our stomachs. We both LOVE this. It’s so clean and so yummy!

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