Can Zypan Help Your Digestive Issues?

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“Digestive issues” is a term that’s become a catch-all for a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. While it presents in a lot of different ways, it can look something like bloating, stomach cramps, heartburn, or diarrhea directly after eating. Because our digestive systems are so complex and are influenced by so many different systems of our body, there are a number of factors that can cause these symptoms, including stress, what we’re putting into our bodies, allergens, gut health and the list goes on. In this post, I’m focusing specifically on what happens when your digestive system needs some support. So, that looks like experiencing those uncomfortable symptoms immediately or almost immediately after eating.

When people share with me that they experience bloating, stomach cramps, heartburn or diarrhea right after eating, I often suggest that they try taking Zypan or a digestive enzyme. This usually is followed by same response: “Wait. What? What is that?” So, let’s dive in and see if either of these options is the right fit for you.

How to Help Your Digestion Issues

If right after meals, you experience bloating, stomach cramps, heart burn, diarrhea, or other similar symptoms, this could be your body’s way of telling you that you may need some digestive support.

Here are the two supports I suggest:

  1. Digestive Enzymes. Digestive enzymes help break down the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins so that the nutrients (think vitamins, minerals, etc.) can be better absorbed by your body. This is what your body needs to not just function, but function well.

    Silver Fern’s Digestive Enzymes is a favorite of mine. Dosing is super simple. Just take 1 capsule as needed with the meal. Use the code JUST15 for 15% off!

  2. Zypan. Zypan is a digestive aid that contains betaine hydrochloride. It serves as a supplemental source of hydrochloric acid (HCL) for people who have a deficiency of stomach acid production. Zypan also has enzymes to help support healthy, normal digestion.

    In the stomach, HCL is the main component in the gastric acid that breaks down the food, so if there’s a deficiency, that presents in the uncomfortable symptoms people associate with digestive issues.

How Do You Know if You Need to Supplement with Zypan?

The following is from Juanique Roney, Owner of Provo Health.

“To determine whether or not Zypan your body could benefit from using Zypan, do this test:

  1. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach, mix 1/2 cup water with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda then chug.
  2. Time yourself to see when you start burping. If you burp within 2-3 mins, chances are you have enough HCl. If you don’t burp after 5 minutes you may need HCl support (Zypan).
  3. Do the test 2 more times to make sure you didn’t get a false positive or negative.

Zypan Dosing

Zypan dosing, however, can be tricky. If you need HCl support, then start with 1 Zypan and take it at each meal for a day or two. Do you notice an improvement? No? Increase to 2 Zypan per meal for 2 days. Do you notice an improvement? if so then 2 is probably your number. Because dosage will change as your body changes, be mindful. Don’t be fooled by this idea of a “perfect dose.” Give yourself permission to change your dosage according to your digestion and your symptoms.”

Your Next Steps to Better Health

While this is a great place to start if you’re experiencing persistent digestion issues, I always recommend speaking to your doctor. For more on gut health and steps you can take to live a happy, healthy life, check out my podcast on Apple or Spotify to hear from doctors, experts and specialists.

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