Popcorn Salts Variety Pack
Popcorn Salts Variety Pack
Popcorn Salts Variety Pack
Popcorn Salts Variety Pack
Popcorn Salts Variety Pack
Popcorn Salts Variety Pack

Popcorn Salts Variety Pack

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Say goodbye to bland popcorn and embrace a tastier snacking option with Just Ingredients Popcorn Salts. The perfect blend of real food ingredients to elevate your popcorn to a whole new level, free from any artificial ingredients. Make every movie night, game day, or casual gathering a delicious celebration of flavor and wellness.

  • Flavored with real food ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients - first of its kind!
  • Contains sea salt with 64+ trace minerals

Includes all 5 flavors of our popcorn salts so you an easily find your favorite flavors. 

  • Caramel Corn: An irresistibly sweet caramel treat
  • Cheddar Cheese: A delightfully sharp, cheesy flavor explosion perfect for every cheese lover.
  • Movie Theater Butter: A blend of rich, velvety butter and savory, salty goodness.
  • Parmesan Cheese: Delectably salty with a tangy, parmesan twist.
  • Garlic Butter: Sautéed garlic meets creamy butter for a binge-able, guilt-free favorite.

Caramel Corn: Maple Syrup Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Potato Starch, Sea Salt, Caramel Extract, Vanilla Extract (*=Organic Ingredient)

Cheddar Cheese: Cheddar Cheese Powder*, Sea Salt (*=100% Grass-Fed)

Movie Theater Butter: Butter*, Non-Fat Dried Milk*, Sea Salt (*=Organic Ingredient)

Parmesan Cheese: Swiss Cheese Powder*, Parmesan Cheese Powder*, Sea Salt, Whey Protein* (*=100% Grass-Fed)

Garlic Butter: Butter*, Non-Fat Dry Milk*, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder* (*=Organic Ingredient)

Suggested Use

Sprinkle desired amount over buttered or oiled popcorn.

Try grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee!


Q: Are your popcorn salts made with real food ingredients?
A: Absolutely! Our popcorn salts are crafted with only real food ingredients, ensuring a natural and authentic flavor without any artificial additives.

Q: What sets your popcorn salts apart from others on the market?
A: Our popcorn salts stand out due to their commitment to pure, unadulterated flavor. We avoid artificial ingredients and natural flavors, making them a healthier and more wholesome choice for seasoning your popcorn.

Q: Can I use your popcorn salts with different popcorn coatings?
A: Yes! Our popcorn salts are designed to pair perfectly with various popcorn coatings, such as butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, or ghee. Simply coat your popcorn and then sprinkle on the desired flavor for a delightful treat.

Q: How much popcorn salt should I use per batch of popcorn?
A: A little goes a long way! We recommend starting with a light sprinkling and adjusting to your taste preferences. You can always add more if desired.

Q: Do your popcorn salts contain any MSG or artificial enhancers?
A: No, we are proud to say that our popcorn salts are free from MSG and artificial enhancers. We believe in the power of real food ingredients to create a fantastic popcorn experience.

Q: Can I use your popcorn salts for other snacks or dishes?
A: While our popcorn salts are designed specifically for popcorn, they can be versatile! Experiment with using them as a flavor enhancer on other snacks, such as roasted nuts or homemade chips, to discover exciting taste combinations.

Q: How should I store the popcorn salts to maintain their freshness?
A: To keep our popcorn salts fresh and flavorful, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Seal the lid tightly after each use. We don't use any additives to prevent clumping, which means you might notice some powder sticking together. Rest assured, this is perfectly normal. To remedy it, simply give the jar a good shake to loosen any clumps or utilize the larger opening side of the lid.

Q: Are the popcorn salts suitable for kids?
A: Absolutely! Our popcorn salts are made with real ingredients and are a great way to add a burst of flavor to kids' popcorn while avoiding artificial additives.

Q: Are your popcorn salts gluten free?
A: Yes!

Q: What is the shelf life of the popcorn salts?
A: Two years.