Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex
Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex

Elderberry Lemonade 3-In-1 Probiotic Complex

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Rich Elderberry & Tangy Lemonade

Contains a 3-in-1 blend of pre, pro & postbiotics. All three biotics work in tandem to help:

  • reduce inflammation
  • improve digestive health
  • strengthen the gut lining along with many other benefits!

3-In-1 Pre, Pro & Postbiotic Complex

  • Prebiotics: Food for the good microorganisms. Non-digestible fibers and compounds found in certain foods that provide nourishment for beneficial gut bacteria, helping them thrive and promote a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Probiotics: Live beneficial microorganisms, often referred to as "good bacteria," that grow in the gut tract. When consumed in adequate amounts, they can have positive effects on the balance of the gut microbiota and overall digestive health.
  • Postbiotics: nutrient byproducts of prebiotic and probiotic bacteria fermentation that offer health benefits. These compounds include short-chain fatty acids, peptides, and other molecules that can influence the gut environment and support well-being.

Powdered drink mix comes packaged in 30 single serving sticks.


    Active Ingredients: Organic Elderberry Powder, Inulin (Chicory Root, Agave Leaf and Stem), Probiotic Blend 5 Billion CFU (Bacillus clausii SC 109, Bacillus subtillis HU58, Bacillus coagulans SC208, Bacillus magaterium, Bacillus licheniformis), Organic Kombucha Powder, Ginger Extract (Zingiber officinale root)

    Other Ingredients: Citric Acid (Cassava Root), Lemon Extract, Organic Stevia Leaf, Organic Monk Fruit


    Q: How many servings is in a bag of Probiotic Complex?
    A: There are 30 servings in each bag of Probiotic Complex.

    Q: Do I need to refrigerate the Probiotic Complex?
    A: Nope! Think about it this way. If we needed to refrigerate our probiotic, then it would never survive the journey through the digestive tract! We use spore probiotics that make it to the colon.

    Q: Where does the kombucha come from?
    A: The kombucha comes from the tea plant. It is spray-dried, so there is no alcohol content. It all evaporates off! It is also gluten-free and barley-free.

    Q: Why do I have stomach discomfort, bloating, or have to run to the bathroom after drinking the Probiotic Complex?
    A: This can happen if your body is not getting enough fiber each day. We recommend taking one serving every other day to allow your body to adjust and gradually build up to one serving per day. If the bloating or bathroom urges are moderate to severe, we recommend discontinuing use and consulting with your doctor to determine if there are bacterial issues in the gut like SIBO. 

    Q: What are the probiotic strains in the Probiotic Complex? 

    A: Bacillus Clausii SC 109
    Bacillus Subtilis HU58
    Bacillu Coagulans SC208
    Bacillus Magaterium
    Bacillu Licheniformis

    Q: Is the Probiotic Complex safe for kids?
    A: Yes! Gut health is so important for our kids. We recommend that this be given to children 2 years and older. 

    Q: Is the Just Ingredients Probiotic Complex pregnancy/breastfeeding safe?
    A: Because it contains kombucha, we recommend checking with your doctor if you are pregnant! It is breastfeeding safe.

    Q: What is the shelf life of the Just Ingredients Probiotic Complex?
    A: 6 months. There are no preservatives so it is best if it is stored in a climate controlled house. There is no need to refrigerate the probiotic complex. 

    Q: Is it better to take a probiotic pill or drink a probiotic drink?
    A: A probiotic pill stays in its capsule until it reaches the digestive tract. Powders like our drink powder start populating in your mouth and throat as soon as you take them!

    Q: How many CFUs does the Just Ingredients Probiotic Complex contain? 
    A: There are 5 billion CFU

    Q: Can I mix the Probiotic Complex in warm or hot water? 
    A: The probiotic complex can be used in warm water as long as it is consumed within 30 to 60 minutes. We do not recommend mixing in hot water. 

    Additional Information

    Elderberry, lemon, and ginger are powerful foods to consume when sick. Since 70-80% of the immune system is housed in the gut, the Just Ingredients Probiotic Complex can be a great addition to your sickness protocol and everyday immune protocol to keep the immune system functioning its best.