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Just like most health issues, eczema can have many reasons it occurs (this is not a complete list).

But because eczema can be gut-related for some, it has some things that you can be tried at home to see if it helps.

For the gut:
1️⃣Adding in probiotics (food and supplements). Fermented foods are a great option.
2️⃣Adding in more fiber. Avocados are high in fiber and make a great baby’s first food. A baby’s first food does not need to be rice cereal. And when packing snacks for toddlers, maybe think about fruit or veggies options instead.
3️⃣Reducing sugar – watch for hidden sugar in things. They can decrease the good bacteria in the gut.
4️⃣Reducing glyphosate – remember organic cannot have glyphosate sprayed on it. Glyphosate is particularly sprayed on gmo soy, corn, sugar, canola, and cotton (think cottonseed oil). Oats and wheat are sometimes sprayed as well as a drying technique for harvest.
5️⃣Reducing NSAIDs (found in medicines like Motrin) – yes pain relievers are needed, but sometimes we are quick to run to them rather than trying another option first.

And of course there are more that are not mentioned above, like avoiding food intolerances (dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts).

For the skin:
Reducing fragrance and harsh chemicals in beauty hygiene products/laundry soap/cleaning supplies. These ingredients can cause eczema to flare up.

And of course, work with your doctor to find the root causes for you.

Yes, eczema is usually seen in babies and children. So why show an adult slide? Because these are all good things that can help the gut as well.

“Various environmental factors, such as stress, diet, and pollutants, affect microbial composition and profiling, particularly in early life. In combination with these diverse factors, the gut microbiome contributes to the development and natural course of” eczema (1)

Scientists have been doing more and more research on the gut-skin axis. One study “confirms previous reports that the gut microecosystem differs between children with and without eczema and extend them beyond infancy.”(2)


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