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Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about Just Ingredients and eager to spread the word? Join our Ambassador Program, to share about all your favorites to your social media community! We don’t have a follower requirement for our ambassador crew, but we do look for super fans who love and use our products on a daily basis for acceptance. We do require a public social media account and ask that you are following @just.ingredients and @just.ingredients.shop!

Requirements - Each month, we ask our ambassadors to complete just ONE of the following tasks:

  • Share 2 TikToks
  • Share 2 Instagram Posts
  • Share 3 Instagram Stories (each with a minimum of 3 talking slides)
  • Be sure to tag us!
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Affiliate Program

Are you a social media star? Do you love real, whole food ingredients? If you have a significant following and an engaged audience on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, our Affiliate Program is tailor-made for you!

Beyond increased commission earnings and higher bonuses, being part of our affiliate program comes with a host of exciting exclusive perks. The affiliate program grants you access to a VIP experience with first access to new products, exclusive campaigns, affiliate only events, and so much more!

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