Promotion Terms & Conditions

Birthday Sale 2024

Sale Details - Online Store
  • Discount: 20% off site wide, including new products. 40% off clearance products on the clearance page.
  • Free Shipping: US orders over $125 qualify for free shipping. The order total is calculated after discounts and before taxes. Canadian orders do not qualify for free shipping. 

  • All subscriptions are also 20% off. That discount is not an additional 20% off the regular 10% off discount offered on subscriptions, but rather 20% off the non-subscription pricing.
  • The 20% discounted pricing is locked in for the duration of the active subscription. If you change products or cancel, we cannot guarantee the 20% pricing. 
  • If you add items to your subscription during the sale, those items will ship on their next renewal date.
  • Items added during the sale will be locked in at the 20% discount as long as that subscription remains active. Those items cannot be swapped for other flavors or scents. You are subscribing to that product only.
  • If you place an order with an item on subscription during the sale, that order will ship within a few business days and will not be combined with any other existing subscriptions. It will create a new subscription renewal date.
  • To manage your subscription or more information on how to add/remove products and adjust shipping dates, please refer to our Subscriptions FAQ page. 

Loyalty Rewards and Coupon Codes
  • Only rewards, affiliate, and ambassador codes stack on top of the Birthday Sale discount. 
  • No other discount codes will work during the sale. These may be codes given as a reward for signing up for email/SMS, or an abandoned cart.

In-Store Sale
  • The Birthday Sale will be live in store and customers can shop the 20% off discount. 
  • Subscriptions are not able to be created on in-store purchases. 

Store Hours: 

Ticketed Times: We will be selling tickets for customers for the first 6 hours of the sale on Wednesday, the first day of the sale. Customers will pay $10 in advance to reserve their spot, but will be given a $10 discount while checking out. These tickets will be purchased through the website and customers will be automatically emailed a ticket to scan at the door the day of the sale.

Post Purchase Info

Please note that we may not be able to edit your order after it is placed. Actions we can take include:

  • Refunding shipping if a charge error occurred
  • Canceling an order if it has not shipped already
  • Removing products if the order has not already shipped

We cannot:

  • Add products once your order has been placed
  • Cancel an order if it has already shipped
  • Remove products if your order has already shipped


Shipping Charge on First-Time Subscription Orders with Multiple Frequencies

If your subtotal exceeds $125 (US) and you're being charged for shipping, please ensure all subscriptions in your cart have the same frequency. To resolve this, set all subscriptions to the same frequency; you can adjust it in your account after the initial order.


Shipping Timelines

Due to large order volumes during the Birthday Sale, we anticipate shipping all orders within 7-12 business days.