Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder

Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder

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Introducing our new Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein, a creamy and satisfying protein powder made from four plant based proteins. With a creamy, not gritty and not chalky texture, you'll enjoy the smoothness of the protein blends that are rare to come by when drinking vegan protein, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a plant-based protein.

  • Free from sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners or any artificial ingredients.
  • 190 calories, 20g protein, 12g carbs (4g fiber), 10g fat and 0g added sugar per serving

Flavor Profile: Tastes like a baked snickerdoodle cookie. The perfect amount of cinnamon and sweet!


Watermelon Seed Protein, Coconut Milk*, MCT Oil (MCT Oil, Pea Protein*, Tapioca Starch), Cinnamon*, Pumpkin Seed Protein*, Vanilla Extract*, Chia Seeds*, Sea Salt, Stevia Leaf*, Monk Fruit*

*Organic Ingredient | CONTAINS COCONUT

About The Vegan Protein Sources

Watermelon Seed Protein: A lesser-known yet nutritious source of plant-based protein, rich in B Vitamins, Omega-3’s, and a wide variety of minerals. It is easily digested and efficiently absorbed.

Organic Pea Protein: 
A plant-based protein powder derived from yellow peas. Naturally high in iron and the amino acid arginine, it can play important roles in blood health, blood flow, and cardiovascular health.

Chia Seed Protein: 
One of the very few complete plant proteins, chia seeds contain all 9 essential amino acids. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber which can support brain and gut health.

Pumpkin Seed Protein: 
A source of essential amino acids, particularly arginine and tryptophan. Tryptophan is required to produce serotonin, making it a vital nutrient for proper mental health.

Suggested Use

Combine ice, 8 oz of your milk of choice, and 1-2 scoops of protein powder. Blend until well combined.

Add 1 scoop of protein powder with 8 oz of water in a blender bottle. Shake until dissolved.


Add more protein to your favorite fruit smoothies, baked goods, fruit dips, yogurts, and other recipes! 


What are the 4 sources of protein in the Vegan Just Ingredients Protein Powder?
The 4 sources of protein are: Watermelon Seed Protein, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein, and Organic Chia Seed Protein. They all have very similar amounts in the protein powder. Each is around 4-5 grams.

Can I consume the Just Ingredients Vegan Protein if I am following a low-inflammatory diet?

Yes! There is now a strong body of evidence that plant-based protein sources result in a significantly lower level of inflammation than animal-based proteins. Since our vegan protein powder does not contain whey, you should be able to consume it as part of a low-inflammatory diet. Consult with your primary care physician or dietitian to see if this would be a good fit for your lifestyle. 

Is the stevia in the Just Ingredients Protein Powder processed? What is your source?
No. Processed stevia goes through a 42 step process, and can cause gut issues for some. We use straight stevia leaf crushed up which is completely different. It is from a wholesale company that provides to manufactures only. All of our ingredients are sourced that way!

What is the shelf life of the Just Ingredients Protein Powder?

2 years but it also freezes well. There are no preservatives so it is best if it is stored in the house rather than a hot garage.

Is this protein powder a meal replacement?
It’s just a protein powder and not meant to be a meal replacement. Protein shakes lack the variety of vitamins and minerals required to make them a valuable food source. Protein shakes supplement the amino acid intake of a person.

How does the taste of the Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein compare to the whey-based option?

The Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein tastes a bit different from our whey-based protein for those who are familiar with it. It also has a slightly thicker texture but is nice and creamy, which can be hard to come by for a vegan protein powder. 

What is the best time of the day to consume protein powder?
The protein is for anytime if you want a protein-packed snack! Many people drink protein before or after their workout, or right before going to sleep.

Who should use protein powder?
Protein powder is great for those that have a hard time getting enough protein in during a day. Protein, fat, and carbs are the 3 macronutrients our body needs. Some don’t get enough protein in each day and a protein powder supplement can help. Do you know how much protein you eat per day?

Is the product suitable for children or pregnant women?
We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before introducing any new dietary supplements, including our Vegan Protein Powders, during pregnancy or for children. Our protein is made from all real food ingredients and no ingredients should be a cause for concern.

What is MCT oil?

MCT oil, derived from coconut oil, consists of medium-chain triglycerides with 6-12 carbon atoms, offering a rapid and efficient energy source. It has potential benefits for weight management and cognitive function by promoting feelings of fullness and supporting brain health. 

What is the purpose of the Tapioca Starch in the protein powder?

Tapioca starch is blended with pea protein and MCT oil, acting as a vital flow agent. This guarantees the seamless operation of our manufacturing machines, preventing clumping due to excess moisture and ensuring a consistently smooth texture for the protein powder.

How should I store the protein powder for optimal freshness?
Store the protein in a cool, dry place, and ensure the bag is tightly sealed to maintain freshness. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat.

Additional Information

Take a step forward on your journey of wellness with our Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder, mindfully crafted from a medley of four vegan protein sources: Watermelon Seed Protein, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein, and Organic Chia Seed Protein. Each ingredient contributes distinct flavors and nutritional advantages to this plant-based fusion.

  • Watermelon Seed Protein is a lesser-known but highly nutritious plant-based source packed with B Vitamins, Omega-3’s, and various minerals, offering easy digestion and efficient absorption.
  • Pea Protein, derived from yellow peas, is rich in iron and arginine, supporting blood health and cardiovascular function.
  • Chia Seed Protein stands out as one of the rare complete plant proteins, providing all 9 essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber for brain and gut health.
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein offers essential amino acids, notably arginine and tryptophan, crucial for serotonin production and mental health.

More than just a delicious treat, our Vegan Snickerdoodle Protein Powder offers an educational exploration into plant-based nutrition. Beyond the sweet vanilla taste, you're providing your body with all 10 essential amino acids and 8 more, plus a range of health benefits.